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Can you disagree with Jeff Steele and still get published?
Yes! Please do disagree. This blog is to encourage discussion among TV and film professionals of every type, involved in every aspect of the process – producers, development execs, financiers, writers, directors, sales agents, lawyers. Talk amongst yourselves. Bring your A game and expect other posters to do the same.

So you don’t delete any posts?
Of course we do. Excessive foul language, abusive attacks, and a response that says, “You’re dead wrong!” but gives no support. We reserve the right to delete any comment. This is, after all, our place of business. We can spam.

Can I include a website or a link in my comment?
Yes, especially if it underscores the point you’re making or helps illuminate why you think a previous poster, including Jeff Steele, missed the mark. But using the comments section for solicitation and self-promotion? Not so good. See above about A game. And remember, we can spam.

* Additional FAQ

Who is Film Closings intended for?
All those in the producing, financing or the packaging side of the entertainment industry.

Why does Jeff Steele (or I in the 3rd person) write a blog?
Closing the financing on films is a real passion for me (if you haven’t noticed by now.)  My goal with this Blog was only to help the independent film community navigate this grueling process, while at the same time having a creative-writing outlet for myself (to engage my left brain and offset all the number crunching.)

How is FilmClosings.com different from Film Closings Inc.?
One is simply a blog with posts and the other is a company that structures financing, creates finance plans, and advises film funds and independent film projects.

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