The Hero’s Guide to Film Finance – Special AFM Teaser5

Page 5

You choose to finish your introduction with: “Filmmaker”.


…Filmmaker. I’d like to talk to you about my project.

The man, bemused, keeps walking,

What does that mean…Filmmaker?
We’re all filmmakers here. Are you a


You weren’t expecting philosophical banter, but you go along with it because this man is a Financier. You explain that you directed a couple of shorts and you’ve done some segment producing for reality shows.  You confess it’s not ideal, but it works for now. Suddenly, you are standing at the host stand at the hotel restaurant. The man says to the host:

Table for Lerner.

The host gestures to you.

Do you require an additional seat?

The man shakes his head and turns to you.

Nice to meet you.
Good luck with your filmmaking.

The man walks into the restaurant and he receives a grandiose welcoming at his table.

You’re completely stymied. Are first impressions really that fickle? Did the title “Filmmaker” just derail your pitch? You take a deep inhale, and exhale, dejected.

Savvy investors don’t give money to “Filmmakers.”
If you want be treated like a Producer, then be a Producer. Own the title.

Will you: Try to catch-up with Avi at the valet station? Or sulk back into your chair in the market lobby?

If you try to catch-up with Avi Lerner, before the valet arrives, turn to Page 7.

If you sulk back into your chair in the market lobby, turn to Page 7.